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    We install aluminium fences and gates in the Sutherland Shire

    Many Sutherland Shire homeowners are opting for aluminium fencing for their properties over more traditional materials. One of the top features of this aluminium is its extremely low maintenance requirements and they are generally lighter which means easier, faster more economical installation. Unlike timber fencing, aluminium doesn’t require repainting or refinishing to keep it looking great. Additionally, its structural integrity doesn’t need protection through resealing or similar activities.

    Aluminium can also be installed anywhere because it’s resistant to corrosion. You won’t have to worry about fading with exposure to the sun. Also, aluminium has nothing to offer termites and won’t rot. Overall, this material is quite robust.

    Another excellent feature of aluminium is its ability to mould to your landscape. If you have a large hill that your fence needs to work around, it’s not a problem. Aluminium is rackable to the landscape. 

    We offer all the best styles of aluminium fencing, including:

    • Aluminium pool style fencing (tubular)
    • Aluminium picket fencing
    • Aluminium slat fencing
    • Aluminium gates
    • & More

    Reach out when you’re ready to get started on your new fencing installation.

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    aluminium slat fencing Sutherland Shire

    Invest in a stunning new Aluminium fence that boosts your property’s aesthetic value

    When you have a new fence installed, it’s one of the first things people will notice of your property. Make a lasting great impression by ensuring your fence not only looks good but is built to last. Hiring the right fence contractors is essential to get the best results. No matter what colour or style of fence you install, you want to make a great impression. You’ll get quality workmanship and stunning results when you work with us.

    High Quality, Good Looking Aluminium Fences and Gates

    aluminium front fence Sutherland Shire

    Aluminium fencing

    We offer our customers exceptional aluminium fencing options, including tubular pool fencing, tubular fencing for boundaries, and aluminium slatted fences. You’ll have plenty of options to choose from based on colour and style. We’ll ensure your fence is installed properly, without cutting corners that compromise its durability.

    aluminium front fence & gate Sutherland Shire

    Aluminium gates

    Complete your aluminium fence with a matching aluminium gate. We offer tubular, slatted, automatic, manual, swing, and sliding gates. We’ll ensure it’s installed correctly and works as expected before we leave your home. Enjoy the functionality of a working gate that means you don’t even need to get out of your car! 

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    What’s to love about aluminium?


    Aluminium is very durable, mainly because it is treated metal. This allows it to be installed virtually anywhere, as it is anti-corrosive. Because the Sutherland Shire is mainly a coastal region, this makes this material is highly favourable for all your fencing needs. Keep in mind that some versions of aluminium are not as thick or hard wearing as others or other metals like steel, therefore if your property is commercial and you have vehicles or machinery coming in and out all the time, there is a higher risk of dents which means opting for a stronger style and material might be more appropriate. 

    Low maintenance 

    When compared to timber fencing, aluminium is a low-maintenance material. In fact, if it is installed correctly and made of high-quality metal, it will require virtually no maintenance at all. You will not need to repaint, refinish or seal it, it is similar to Colorbond in that sense. 

    Very Good Looking 

    Aluminium fencing offers an aesthetically pleasing addition to any property. Many high-end properties feature the slatted style. The tubular style is also very popular as it creates the illusion of more space by allowing you to see past it. Most popular for pool fences. 

    Can be more affordable than wrought iron or steel but has the appearance of it 

    It can also be made to look like wrought iron or steel while costing much less. Aluminium requires a less specialised production, reducing the cost of manufacturing. However, you will still get the same modern look you want to achieve.

    Lightweight means faster installation 

    Aluminium weighs less than other material, causing the cost of transport and labour to be lower, making the overall cost of installation less. With a lighter material, fewer contractors are needed for the installation and it can be done at a faster rate.

    Looking for a reliable, responsive fencing company in the Sutherland Shire?

    For all your aluminium fencing needs, we’re the local Sutherland Shire fence contractor residents turn to for a job built to last. Our materials are only of the highest quality, and our workmanship is immaculate. This combination ensures you’ll get the best results possible when we deliver your new fence. We don’t believe in rushing a job or cutting corners. Instead, we focus on the details to guarantee durable, long-lasting, and beautiful fences every time.

    • Local company: As a local company, we’re familiar with the topography, soil, and weather that could affect a fencing installation. This allows us to compensate as needed to deliver the best results.
    • Good communication: You’ll always get clear-cut communication that keeps you in the loop.
    • Quality work: We’re dedicated to providing the best work possible on every job we complete.
    • Not the cheapest but we provide outstanding value: Our services may not be the cheapest around, but you’ll get the best value for your investment when you choose us.
    aluminium pool fencing Sutherland Shire

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    More information on our Aluminium Fencing services

    Aluminium Gates

    The kind of aluminium gate you select for your property will depend on the amount of space you have and your budget. We offer automatic and manual gates in both swinging and sliding formats. However, not every property can accommodate all types of gates. A sliding gate will need significantly more space than a swinging gate. Additionally, you’ll need to decide if you want a slatted or panel-style gate. The best choice would be to match the gate to your fence for a smooth aesthetic appearance. We’ll help you choose your ideal gate, ensuring it will work perfectly in your available space. 

    Aluminium picket fences

    Aluminium picket fencing typically features pointed pickets but can also have other styles. Depending on your choice, your fence can lend an artistic feel to your property. With the standard design, the pickets are placed approximately 3 cm apart, preventing children and pets from slipping through. Because of this, you’ll have a stylish option that also provides peace of mind. If you want privacy, this is not the option for you. Instead, you’ll want to consider aluminium panel fencing to fully block out the views of everyone on the outside or slats with small gaps in between them. 

    Aluminium Pool Fencing

    When you choose your pool fencing, multiple requirements must be met, including an inability to climb the fence, as mentioned above. That makes aluminium tubular fencing an excellent option. It’s a hardy and safe selection that no one can climb. You can choose from many attractive options to create a beautiful enclosure that keeps everyone safe. 

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    "A breath of fresh air working with this crew to get my boundary fence replaced in Miranda. Easy, smooth, nothing was a bother, I was just so impressed with the attitude each of the guys had."

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    "5 Stars for service, effort and professionalism."

    E. Thatcher

    "Strongly recommend getting a quote done with this company, you'll see for yourself why it's a nobrainer to go with them when they run through your options and the pros and cons. Honest, good hearted advice."

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