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    Installation of wooden fences and gates in the Sutherland Shire

    Timber fencing has long been a favourite option for homeowners in Sutherland Shire because of its natural beauty, customizability and renewability. Metal alternatives can be competitive in their aesthetics, functionality and affordability these days but timber lends natural beauty to the area without detracting from the surroundings that is very hard to match.

    You have the option of several stunning styles, depending on your needs. You can increase the aesthetic value of the property or boost your privacy. The ideal privacy solution is a solid paling fence, while a picket fence will lend a classic look with clear visibility. Lattice fencing and privacy screens offer unique aesthetics.

    Timber fencing can be repaired paling by paling, which means that is is cheaper to repair than most metal alternatives that require whole panels to be replaced when damaged. While timber does have higher maintenance requirements than other materials, a lot of homeowners love the benefits and choose timber for their fence or gate. 

    You’ve come to the right place if you want a beautiful new timber fence. We offer amazing styles with high-quality materials. We have fences and gates to suit your needs and budget. Reach out today to get started on your new fence!

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    timber fence installation project in sutherland shire

    Invest in a stunning new timber fence that boosts your property’s aesthetic value

    When you have a new fence installed, it can immediately shed years off of the look of your property. Hiring the right fence contractors is essential to get the best results. Whether you install a picket fence or a high-quality Merbau hardwood fence, you want to make a great impression. You’ll get the best workmanship and stunning results when you choose our Sutherland Shire fencing company.

    We supply and install quality, classic-looking timber fences and gates

    beautiful timber fence sutherland shire

    Timber fencing

    We have all the options for beautiful timber fencing, including stunning Merbau fencing options. Timber is a premium choice when you want a classic style that offers versatility and functionality. We also remove and properly dispose of your old fencing so you don’t have to.

    beautiful timber gates sutherland shire

    Wooden gates

    Complete your timber fence with the perfect matching wooden gate. We offer everything from pedestrian gates to driveway gates, ensuring you have the needed options. Our selections include fully automatic solutions, manual, sliding, and swinging. Our products ensure you’ll receive a gate that’s built to last. 

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    Why is timber such a staple favourite in the Sutherland Shire?

    Ease of installation and repair

    Timber fencing can be installed as a DIY project, but it’s something best left up to the professionals. We can guarantee a quality fence with our tools, skills, and expertise. These fences can be built quickly and efficiently, ensuring low labour costs. Additionally, there’s no specialised skill required for repairs, making timber fencing much easier to repair than Colorbond or aluminium fencing


    With timber fencing, you have a lot more options for customising. You can choose a style that perfectly complements your property. Whether you want a Merbau or picket fence, we can create the ideal solution that meets your needs.

    Renewable resource:

    If you want to make your property greener, you’ll want a sustainable material. Timber is a renewable resource, which makes it a sustainable option for your fencing material. It’s environmentally friendly, making it the perfect choice, with that being said treated timber needs to be disposed of properly, which is something we can take care of for you if you have an old fence that needs replacing.

    Natural look

    Timber has been one of the most readily available and affordable materials for many years. Because of its DIY maintenance and repair options, it’s highly favoured among homeowners. For those who don’t like how it ages in response to exposure to the sun, it can be painted to change the colour. More recently, several other materials have become as accessible and affordable, exceeding timber in low maintenance requirements. Some alternatives even offer ‘timber look’ versions such as aluminium. 


    While the cost of wood has risen recently, timber is still on par with metal alternatives. You can choose your favourite style of fence and remain within the established budget. We can make your fence dreams come true by installing a timber fence that adds significant aesthetic value to your home.

    Looking for a reliable, responsive fencing company in the Sutherland Shire?

    For all your timber fencing needs, we’re the local Sutherland Shire fencing contractor everyone turns to for a job well done. Our materials are only of the highest quality, and our workmanship is superior. This combination ensures you’ll get the best results possible when we deliver your new fence. We don’t believe in rushing a job or cutting corners. Instead, we focus on the details to guarantee durable, long-lasting and beautiful fences every time.

    • Local company: As a local company, we’re familiar with the topography, soil, and weather that could affect a fencing installation and its durability. This allows us to compensate as needed to deliver the best results.
    • Good communication: You’ll always get clear-cut communication that keeps you in the loop.
    • Quality work: We’re dedicated to providing the best work possible on every job we complete.
    • Outstanding value: Our services may not be the cheapest around, but when you consider a long term perspective our services are the best value.  We use quality grade timber to ensure your fence looks great and lasts the test of time.
    beautiful timber fence sutherland shire

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    Styles of timber fences in the Sutherland Shire

    Standard timber paling fence

    The most traditional type of timber fencing is the timber paling fence. It offers a classic look that features no frills. You can choose from various heights whether you need a short or tall fence. These fences are ideal when you only need a plain fence to solve your issue. It would work well for a privacy fence between your property and your neighbour’s. The way the fence is constructed prevents visibility through the slats. It’s also ideal for a simple construction when you want more privacy for your family. If you want something more ornate or aesthetically pleasing, this style will not suit your needs.

    Lapped and Capped

    Following a close second in popularity to the standard paling fence is the lapped and capped timber fence. It’s considered one of the most durable styles of fencing due to the way it’s constructed. For this style of fence, the timbers overlap one another. This is perfect for those homeowners who want even privacy with a touch of style. The overlapping timbers completely close off the fence to the outside world. In addition, the overlapping timbers have a cap that protects the end grain of the fence. This is where the name lapped and capped comes from.

    Wooden picket fences

    Wooden picket fences are an excellent choice for adding a classic look to your property. You can choose from many styles, including rounded pickets, flat-top modern pickets and federation pickets. You also have the option to customise these fences for privacy. Most homeowners associate picket fences with styles that have gaps between pickets. However, they can also be designed without those gaps. Additionally, the styles with gaps can be customised to ensure there is not enough space for your children or pets to slip through. These fences are perfect for creating a traditional look beyond the standard paling fence.

    Timber decorative lattice

    Timber decorative lattice can be added to your existing fence to create more privacy. Typically, this lattice is added to the top of the fence or gate. It adds to your privacy by extending the height of the fence. The lattice is not constructed like other timber fencing options and can only be used as a decorative piece or an extension. It is much thinner than other fencing options and made of several pieces that are attached to one another. It is not constructed of solid panels. Because of this, you would not be able to create a fence with lasting results by just using decorative lattice on its own.

    Timber slatted fence

    The timber slatted fence comes in several options and can be customised based on the widths of your slats. This option is ideal for homeowners who want to create a boundary but don’t absolutely require privacy, as there is visibility through the slats. Additionally, this style of fencing lends the impression that your property is more expansive than it is due to not blocking visibility. These fences are typically chosen because of their visual appeal. Because of this, they’re generally more expensive. One of the most popular choices of materials is Merbau hardwood fencing. It’s extremely beautiful and very durable, making it a premium choice.

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